Is Your Business iOS14 Ready?

Tom Channell
April 26 ․ 5 min read

If you work in marketing, you’ve probably heard about iOS14 and the potential impact it could have on your Facebook campaigns.

At Symphony Talent, we work hard to ensure our clients have the information they need to deal with compliance changes. We want to share these tips with anyone who isn’t sure what the changes are and how to handle them.

What is iOS14?

iOS14 is Apple's latest iPhone operating system. What's different about this version is that Apple introduces features designed to give users more control over their data, ultimately impacting the number of insights Facebook can receive.


How Will iOS14 Impact Facebook Advertising?

Opting out

It’s safe to assume that when confronted with a message like the one below, the majority of users will probably opt out of tracking. This will therefore reduce the amount of data advertisers can access about how their audiences behave.

Advertisers will be impacted in several ways, but the two main areas to consider will be remarketing and conversion tracking for employer brands.

What does this mean for remarketing?

If a user has opted out of tracking, advertisers will not be able to remarket to them after visiting their website.

Will this impact my conversion tracking?

If conversion events such as ‘Job Apply’ are set up, the advertiser will see less and less of these events as people begin to opt-out of tracking.

Ways to Prepare for iOS14

Reduce the Impact of iOS 14

Here is an in-depth list of the steps that Facebook recommends advertisers take to reduce the impact of iOS14, but not all of these steps will be relevant for your business.

Verify Your Domain

The one recommendation we would make to all businesses is to ensure that your domain is verified on Facebook. Domain verification is the process of telling Facebook that you own your website, which will give you a bit more control over conversion event optimisation and reporting. (Find more information on domain verification here). 

Aggregate Event Measurement

Facebook announced Aggregated Event Management, which will limit the number of conversion events a business may have. We recommend that you also look into this for your business.

Are You a Symphony Talent Client?

If you are a Symphony Talent client, your account management team will reach out to you if changes are required. If they haven’t reached out, don’t worry this means our team will have been able to prepare for this without adding to your already long to-do list!

If you aren’t a Symphony Talent client and are worried about the potential impacts, feel free to reach out to me at