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3 Steps to Ready Your Recruitment Marketing for the Great Rehire: Tips From a CEO

Roopesh Nair
August 23 ․ 10 min read

As a global company CEO, I am also experiencing the pain of filling open roles fast. Many of my teams are looking to hire and ramp-up to pre-pandemic status and even surpass those initial headcounts. 

However, competition is everywhere -- we know this to be true because we help some of the world’s leading brands attract top talent. And that’s the key. 

To stand out, make changes that meet the expectations of today and the future of work by:

  • Getting your employer brand everywhere via programmatic advertising 
  • Directing job ads back to your branded career sites and talent communities 
  • Automating touchpoints and empowering your recruiters

How do you get your recruitment marketing stack ready to rehire?

Start with recruitment marketing tools that work to attract people to your org.

Recruitment marketing is everything right now because we're living in a worker economy. That means candidates have plenty of work options (there are currently 10 million open roles).

To compete, you need to ensure your brand is everywhere and that your open roles and culture are resonating. Easier said than done. 

But that's where my team comes in. We work with top brands like IBM, CVS Health, Staples, Fidelity, HP, and PwC. We focus on using tech to its full potential and merging it with the right creative strategy. That's why these brands chose us. 

Together we help end-users (recruiters, hiring managers, talent users, sources, etc.) get back to doing what they love—building candidate relationships and hiring highly skilled people with tools that work and evolve with their teams (regardless of market conditions).

How can you get your recruitment marketing tech stack ready? Follow my 3 simple steps. 

Step One: Get your employer brand everywhere

To make your jobs stand out from the millions of others people are seeing, you need to have a solid job ad strategy. And nothing beats programmatic advertising (they're ads that run themselves). 

Programmatic media allows you to manage all recruitment media spend in one easy-to-use system. These ads leverage AI technology to help buy, place and manage employer-branded content and job ads to the right people at the right time -- providing TA teams the opportunity to control, test, and iterate their job advertising strategy in real-time against real goals.

Programmatic ads automate day-to-day decision-making with media optimization. Thereby allowing you to reach active candidates across job sites for the right jobs while also delivering brand ads to qualified passive candidates.


A recruitment marketing platform with programmatic advertising means no lead, or applicant, is ever lost, and no dollar is spent without a goal. 

Step Two: Direct ads to your career website 

Once you have dynamic ads, auto-campaigning, ad hoc job posting, and all the other good stuff that comes with programmatic advertising, you'll need to ensure you direct the ads back to your career website.

A front-end career site experience should include the following:

  • Chat in real-time: Allow candidates to ask questions 24/7, receive relevant jobs, and share relevant info and resumes with an automated chat assistant.
  • Self-screen in and out: Today's candidates will not waste time applying for jobs with vague requirements. Leverage enhanced job descriptions with rich content, not just requirements, so candidates know if they fit the role and the culture. 
  • Apply painlessly: Help candidates get to applicants with a clear path. That means reduced questions during the application process and a streamlined, cohesive brand experience that helps them stay on track. 

From your career sites, it's smart to include an option to join your talent community

Why? Well, with so many job options, candidates are less likely to convert to applicants on the first pass. They may click an ad or poke around your career sites, but they may not actually apply. Instead of losing them completely, opt for talent pool members. 


Step Three: Automate workflows to lock in talent faster

By automating the recruitment process with smart workflows, you can lock in talent faster and empower your recruiters.

According to our research with TalentBoard and Aptitude Research, one in three recruiters feels burned out this year. As a result, organizations are leaning into automation to support leaner recruitment teams and more applications. (Check out the full Exceptional Experience Research Report here.) 

Provide a more realistic workload for recruiters by enabling workflows that:  

  • Reengage talent in your network: In today's market, you need to reengage talent. Our CRM is equipped with smart workflows that send relevant, new jobs to talent pool member's inboxes. Pipeline intelligence prioritizes lists of candidates based on role fit and interest and provides matching scores based on alignment to requisitions and their comparison to the profile and associated skills (it's a win/win). 
  •  Automate requests for on-demand interviews: To capture the best-fit talent today, you need to move fast. You can automate on-demand interview video and audio screening to empower your recruiters and hiring managers to expand on the resume, meet more talent in less time, and evaluate fit and qualifications effectively. 
  •  Send job alerts to candidates that fit: Instant job alerts send automatic messages to best-fitting profiles within your talent networks for newly posted jobs. You can also set up workflows to send contacts new job alerts similar to the jobs already they applied for and enable enhanced job alerts backed by candidate behavior to reach a broader group of talent, thereby saving media and other spend. 

Want to learn more? 

Check out "The Great Rehire and Beyond: Your ultimate guide to recruitment marketing for the new talent landscape." 

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