Do Your Talent Acquisition Solutions Connect You with the Right Candidates?

Sheridan Gaenger
January 18 ․ 12 min read

talent acquisition5 Questions to Ask Yourself: Debunking “one-size-fits all” Recruitment Marketing Approach

In today’s recruiting climate, one thing’s for sure: Finding the right candidates is anything but a waiting game. Recruiters have to be proactive to get their companies and compelling brand messaging in front of the right candidates. And they have to be competitive, too, because, according to ManpowerGroup, nearly a quarter of U.S. employers planned to hire new employees in the fourth quarter of 2016. That’s why investing in hard working, intuitive talent acquisition solutions is more important than ever—smart software tailored to your needs equips you with the tools necessary to achieve your ambitious recruiting goals.

Ask yourself these five questions to determine if your current talent acquisition is working as hard as it could be in connecting you to the right candidates:

1. Are you investing efforts where your candidates live and breathe?

In today’s candidate-driven market, you can’t count on candidates moseying over to your career website to learn more about your brand. Nope, you need to get in front of candidates on their terms, showing up where they hang out. That means using talent acquisition solutions that allow you to adopt an omni-channel approach to recruiting, where you use social media to show up where your candidates live and breathe, “smart” media that personalizes content and tailors the candidate experience, and distributed media that pushes out your messaging and job postings to all the right places. Omni-channel creates a seamless, integrated experience for candidates and familiarizes them with your employer brand in a more organic, all-encompassing way—giving you a leg up on the competition that’s still using the outdated multi-channel approach.

2. Are you taking a personal approach to your career website?

No doubt about it: It’s hard to attract the right candidates with a career website that’s devoid of personality and any sort of personal touch. With all the talk about social media and technology, candidates today still crave a personal approach to recruiting! You have a huge opportunity to set yourself apart with a human-centered career website that anticipates candidates’ needs, powered by smart talent acquisition solutions. For example, integrating chat functionality into your career website brings back the feel of a one-to-one relationship with a recruiter, and it speaks to today’s job seeker’s craving for instant information.

3. Are you leveraging the right sets to engage candidates of all types?

There’s not just one “ideal candidate” for your company—but getting your job opening in front of candidates of all types can be hard work. After all, job listings don’t post themselves…or do they? If you have a smart talent acquisition solution with options for “intelligent” job distribution, getting your job postings in front of all types of candidates—including perfect matches—becomes practically as easy as pushing a button. Thanks to data analysis and simultaneous posting capabilities, intelligent job distribution allows you to seamlessly push out your listings to job boards that are full of candidates with the right skills, location, and other qualifications you need.

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, you need to not only consider where candidates are engaging with your messaging and postings, but how candidates are engaging in their job search and if your talent acquisition solution is keeping up. The biggest game changer? A mobile-optimized career website and other mobile-compatible tools. According to a 2015 survey by Pew Research, 28 percent of career seekers have conducted job searches on their phone—and that number jumps to 53 percent when just looking at the job-searching habits of 18- to 29-year-olds. The takeaway? Mobile-optimized talent acquisition solutions are a must to reach candidates in 2017 and beyond, especially if you’re targeting the Millennial set.

4. Are you staying relevant throughout the entire lifecycle of your candidate's journey?

At, Samuel Greengard discusses the infusion of marketing tactics into recruitment, writing, “Just as conventional marketing attempts to monitor a prospect and keep the person engaged until the candidate is ready to pull the string on a purchase, HR marketing hopes to create a spark that may eventually lead to a fire. It’s often not about a specific time period or hard sell; it’s about creating a framework that allows users to engage and learn at their own pace—and stay in the pipeline.”

Greengard is absolutely right. Today, companies need to be pushing out relevant content to potential candidates even before they’re considering applying for a new job. This “pre-candidate” phase is a crucial part of the candidate journey that you need to nail. That starts by cultivating an intentional, authentic employer brand and using talent acquisition solutions to get brand messaging in front of the right people (going back to the importance of an omni-channel approach). That way, when a candidate is ready to officially “start” the job search, your company is top of mind.

The best way to “spark” the candidate journey? With employee advocacy. Turn your enthusiastic employees into powerful recruiters who disseminate on-brand messaging to their vast social networks. Messaging from employees feels more honest than official brand messaging, and tapping into your employee’s own networks means your messaging reaches further, too. Ensure your employee advocacy program is a success by investing in talent acquisition solutions that make it easy and convenient for your employees to share content.

For example, delivering “click-and-share” content via email and text to your employees makes the sharing process seamless. And remember: The candidate hiring process is now a cycle, not a funnel, which means the candidate’s journey doesn’t end when he or she is hired! Turning recent hires into employee advocates is another way to stay relevant throughout the entire lifecycle of a candidate’s journey.

With consistent and strategic effort, engaging pre-candidates through employee advocacy will turn them into actual candidates. Once a candidate has applied, keep him or her engaged throughout the application process by sending out more timely, engaging content and by using talent acquisition solutions that allow candidates to track where they are in the process.

5. Is Your Brand Constantly On?

Employer brands never sleep. And if you’re sleeping on creating a compelling employer brand that’s continuously engaging candidates at every point of the hiring process, you’re missing out on critical hires.

While employer brands may never sleep, the people who fuel them certainly need to—that’s why you need to invest in a talent acquisition solution that makes defining, refining, and disseminating your employer brand messaging as easy and hassle-free as possible. Look for software with lots of integrations and push-button functionality so that your employer brand stays powered even after your team has powered down for the day.

If your current talent acquisition solution leads with a “one-size-fits-all” approach, it’s time to find something that can help you drill down and get in front of the right candidates. Examine your answers to the five questions above to determine if it’s time for a talent acquisition solution switch-up—and remember: A modular framework is a great strategy if you simply need to patch a few holes.

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