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The Business Case for Exceptional Experiences: How to Marry Tech & UX

Debbie Tuel, Head of Strategy
April 26 ․ 9 min read

At Symphony Talent, we're on a mission to get people back to work with a dignified experience. And we're also ensuring that the people behind the scenes are enjoying their experience too. 

Exceptional Experiences Start With Intuitive Technology

To create exceptional user experiences, you need talent acquisition technology to automate tasks, but you also need it to empower your teams—with a recruitment marketing platform they'll love to work in.

Let's face it, there's little joy for many organizations' recruitment teams today, and that sentiment extends to candidates.

What is killing the joy today? 

Too Many Talent Marketing Tools

I've been in the systems and experienced the pain firsthandit boils down to too many tools. You can have the best tech out there, but if it's not implemented or used correctly, it becomes a drain on resources. 

1 in 4 companies are increasing their TA Tech in 2021

-Aptitude Research Report

While it's crucial to have tools that automate tasks, reach the right candidates and help drive your business objectives, implementing the wrong talent marketing and talent acquisition technology moves your business backward.

Aptitude reports that the following drives TA tech buying decisions today:

  • 35% improve efficiencies
  • 14% improve the candidate experience
  • 11% applicant volume
  • 18% reduce bias
  • 15% move away from disparate systems
  • 7% automate end-to-end TA

All of these efforts equate to saving time and improving the experience of users and candidates. But it's not just about enhancing a terrible experience; instead, by focusing on creating exceptional experiences, you edge out the competition.

How Do We Create Exceptional Talent Marketing Experiences?

We focus on everyone's experience by automating tasks that drain efficiency and empower your team to make smart recruiting decisions.

For 15+ years, I've worked with the world's largest brands, like CVS Health, Staples, Fidelity, IBM, HP, and PwC. We focused on using tech to its full potential and merging it with the right creative strategy. That's why these brands chose us. 

Together we help end users (recruiters, hiring managers, talent users, sources, etc.) get back to doing what they love—building candidate relationships and hiring highly skilled people with tools that work and evolve with their teams.

To create a robust pipeline of happy, highly skilled candidates who are interacting with your brand positively, you need to start with your talent tech. Your users need the right tools to create a dignified experience for everyone (including their teammates who may be less familiar with backend systems).

Your Joy Pipeline

Joy is our why. SmashFlyX is our how.

HubSpot Video

(Click here to see more Joy Roadshow podcasts). 

The SmashFlyX Platform takes care of routine tasks so you can build personalized, positive candidate relationships at every point of contact. SmashFlyX is the only recruitment marketing platform that brings it all together.

Gain efficiencies through integrated tech like: 

Want to Learn Even More about Exceptional Experiences? 

Symphony Talent, Aptitude Research, and Talent Board are collaborating on a four-part research report about exceptional experiences. Check out the Exceptional Experiences Report series today!