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Breaking Down Barriers to Adoption: The Evolution of SmashFlyX

The following is a product feature roundup of the enhancements Symphony Talent has made to SmashFlyX over the past year. These features aim to improve the overall user experience, increase user adoption and help streamline automation to empower your teams.

User Experience and Tech Adoption Enhancements 2021

Too often, TA technology creates more of a headache than a solution, namely because adopting new technology is not always as simple as it seems. It's our mission to change that.

When we launched SmashFlyX a year and a half ago, our vision was to automate efficiency and empower teams. The reimagined platform met that expectation with its innate automation, pipeline intelligence and reset the industry standard for UX and UI, creating a platform that TA teams enjoy working in.

Since then, we’ve added additional features to not only enhance its capabilities but to continue to break down barriers to internal adoption. Here are some highlights from the evolution of SmashFlyX,

Referrals Bot

The new add-on Referrals Slackbot enhances SmashFlyX Referrals and allows employee sponsors to share general and job-specific referral links by utilizing Slack.

By default, Slack allows any workspace member to install apps and communicate with the app through the chatroom UI. With this in mind, using the Referrals Slackbot app in Slack means sponsors will not have to use other tools or visit referral portals to start the referral process.

As a result, by having access to the referrals process in Slack, employee engagement with referrals programs will improve and reflect positively on measurable outcomes such as time to hire, cost per hire, recruiter time per applicant, retention, number of hires leaving in the first 90 days, etc.

The Referrals Slackbot supports three different user journeys.

  • Refer Someone: The Referral Slackbot captures contact information and subsequently communicates to the contact, including the sponsor's handle and a link to the customer's general referral website. 
  • Get My Referral Link: Sponsors can retrieve their referral link to share with contacts directly (SMS, email) or on social media platforms. 
  • Search For Jobs: Sponsors can conduct a job search using keywords to filter job results, i.e., job title, location, etc. When you receive job search results, sponsors can share a URL containing job details with contact or refer someone for the job. Referring someone for the job follows the same steps as the Refer Someone user journey. The only difference is that the communication sent to the contact contains a link to a specific job details page instead of the general referral website. 

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DEI Plug-in & Screener

Through its integration with SmashFlyX, this DEI plugin uses AI-powered technology to analyze and filter content to eliminate conscious and subconscious bias. Offered as a Chrome extension, it works seamlessly with the job details page and campaigns messages page to detect gender, racial, and age bias in text content.

The DEI Screener is another online tool available where any content creator can copy and paste their content and analyze it for inclusive language. The DEI Screener detects unconscious bias in the content and also highlights the issues that need correction.

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Usage Statistics Report

We talk about the importance of data and analytics to improve your strategy; the same goes for adopting technology. The Usage Statistics report is a powerful analytics tool that allows team leaders to analyze team and individual user performance within SmashFlyX and increase internal adoption. 

Clients can use this data to see how their teams/users perform against predefined hiring objectives/goals. They can also distinguish how their recruiters are using SmashFlyX, including, but not limited to, the following,

  • How many of their recruiters are logging into SmashFlyX? 
  • What are they searching for? 
  • How many searches did they perform? 
  • How many used SmashFlyX to launch a campaign? 
  • How many campaigns did those particular recruiters launch, 
  • Did those launched campaigns generate many replies, applications, hires, etc.?
  • If recruiters created landing pages on the platform, how many, and what were the corresponding statistics for those created landing pages?
  • If recruiters created any folders, if they did, were the folders effective?

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Browser Plug-in for Sourcing

The SmashFlyX Sourcing Assistant allows recruiters to seamlessly pull in contact data from LinkedIn and Indeed to SmashFlyX (automatically creating a candidate profile in SmashFlyX with pre-populated fields). This new feature makes it easy to add and update profiles to a Talent Network in a matter of minutes.

Here’s an example use case: A recruiter is browsing their connections list on LinkedIn. The recruiter clicks on a connection and moves to the contact's LinkedIn page. At this point, recruiters can use the SmashFlyX Sourcing Assistant to extract the contact's data and pull the data across to SmashFlyX. The recruiter will then be able to view this profile in SmashFlyX like it was any other profile.

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Contact Timeline

The Contact Timeline feature in the SmashFlyX CRM will allow users to view a contact’s entire history of relevant recruitment marketing behavioral "touchpoints" in chronological order from when the contact first joined the talent community. 

These "touchpoints" pertain to all of a contact's relevant interactions concerning recruitment marketing efforts (e.g., actively looking for jobs, submitting a job application, etc.), lined up and displayed in chronological order in the timeline showing the most recent touchpoint first by default.

With this feature, recruiters and talent marketers will understand where the engagement and relevance scores come from for every contact in the CRM, allowing them to harness touchpoint data to increase their chances of success when drafting communications for contacts.

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Activity Score

The Activity Score uses an intelligent algorithm to help recruiters discover which CRM contacts engage most with their organization's brand, on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high). Users can see the Activity Score in the summary section of the Contact Details page for each contact. 

The Activity Score enables recruiters to identify highly engaged, qualified prospects for their campaigning pipelines, allowing them to focus more on job campaigns and reducing time finding and identifying ideal candidates.

The Activity Score is generated based on activities carried out by contact while engaging with the brand.  The following activities, but not limited to, contribute to a contact's Activity Score:

  • Joining the talent community
  • Viewing available vacancies
  • Applying for a job
  • Getting hired for a job
  • Registering for an event
  • Attending an event

The score varies based on when the engagement happened and reduces as time goes on. For example, if a contact applied to a job over a year ago, their score will differ from a contact who applied to a job more recently. 

Some activities also weigh more than others. For example, attending an event is better than just registering for an event. It demonstrates there is more interest in the brand and results in a higher score.

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Hiring Manager Feedback

Instead of chasing down hiring managers for feedback, SmashFlyX keeps it all in the platform. Recruiters/Sourcers can now request and view feedback on contacts from other system users in SmashFlyX to help decide on the next steps. When feedback is requested, reviewers will be notified via email and may click through to respond. 

When feedback is submitted, the requestor is notified, and to make it easier to sort and drill down into specific feedback, filters are also available on the “My Feedback Requests” page for Reviewer, Response, and Folder.

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Time Slot Scheduling

The Time Slot Scheduling feature allows recruiters to invite candidates who have been organized into folders to choose from a predefined selection of Time Slots.  Each Time Slot will have a date, start time and end time - and can be used for interviews, offer appointments, etc.  When creating a Time Slot, users can specify the total number of people allowed to attend the slot. 

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The Evolution Doesn’t Stop There

These are just some highlights of how Symphony Talent continues to execute its vision of automating for efficiency and empowering teams — and ultimately make SmashFlyX a platform that teams don’t just have to work in, but they want to. Connect with an expert here to see SmashFlyX in action. Already a SmashFlyX customer? Login here to see the latest product releases.