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Are You Thankful For Your HR Tech?

Throughout the year, we’ve asked industry leaders and practitioners, “What brings you joy at your job?” and we got a wide array of answers (including my favorite, “Learning. Collaboration. Breakfast Tacos.”).

But the foremost response was “People.” 

31% included “People” or “Team” 

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Here are a few responses that stood out to me:

  • The people I work with!
  • Reaching as many people as possible and providing employment opportunities to them.
  • Seeing people that I recruited succeed.
  • Seeing the people on my team succeed.
  • Solving problems for people.
  • Telling people's stories!

Of course, this comes as no surprise. This industry centers around people—humans, talent, candidates, job seekers, new hires, recruiters, sourcers—people are why we in TA/HR exist. 

At this time of year, when gratitude and thankfulness are top of mind, it's safe to say that we’re all incredibly grateful for the people that we work with and impact, but what about the tools and technology that enable us to do so?

When you think about it, recruitment marketing technology enables us to reach people, see them succeed, solve their problems and tell their stories. 

Feast your eyes (pun very much intended) on a few reasons to be thankful for HR tech.

Having a foundation that works and works for you

You can’t build your tech stack overnight; it takes time to implement, adopt and optimize. But what’s important is laying a good foundation to build upon. 

A recruitment CRM automates tasks to increase efficiency and empowers teams for smarter interactions. With this foundational piece of tech, you can continuously discover talent and match candidates to pipelines, skills, and jobs, all while simultaneously building campaigns to nurture them over time with valuable, interesting communications.

And if we’ve learned one thing from the pandemic, it's the importance of agility. A strong tech foundation has given industry leaders the ability to pivot as the talent landscape shifted so drastically and continue to build and nurture relationships with candidates to hire best-fit talent.

Every organization’s needs are different, but find what works for you, and you will surely be thankful for a stable foundation.

Reaching and Hiring Best Fit Talent

When filling your pipelines, you don’t want to rely on candidates having to find you; you want to find the right candidates. And sometimes, they're in places you wouldn’t expect or that you can’t typically reach without tech.

Programmatic recruitment advertising helps you reach out to the candidates who are most likely to convert and reflect the type of applicants you’re looking for. But instead of manually deciding when, where, and to whom job advertisements reach, the tech makes those decisions for you. 


Giving back time to focus on what matters: people

Automation tends to be the star of HR technology— completing administrative tasks, so you don’t have to. But the real benefit is that recruiters and sources get that time back to do what matters, connect with people.

By freeing time from tedious tasks, recruiters and sourcers can focus on having meaningful conversations and getting to know candidates. Technology can even help schedule interviews, organize thoughts and feedback from those conversations, and keep candidates warm throughout the process. 

Sure, there are quite a few good reasons to be thankful for tech, but keeping the human touch in the process is what I think we’re all most grateful for.

Why we are thankful for recruitment marketing agility? 

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