5 Reasons to Check Out #TalentNet Interactive | THIS Friday 3.10.2017

Jess Von Bank
March 8 ․ 4 min read
This Friday, March 10th, I’m participating in the latest and greatest #TalentNet Interactive.  This might be one of my favorite events – Craig Fisher doesn’t mess around with his speaker line-up, and attendees are there for serious networking and learning. If that’s not enough, here are 5 good tantalizing reasons you should check it out:
  1. Can you think of a better way to kick of #SXSW? In Austin? (Keep it weird.) I can’t.
  2. These – right here – are some of the smartest peeps in the recruiting business. They know what’s up, and they’re happy to share the love so you can brand better, recruit radder, source smarter, and make happy hires. 
  3. AI, AI, AI. Robots and machine learning and artificial intelligence and in-context analytics are all the buzz. Yours truly – yes, that’s moi – will apply it all to the future of recruitment marketing. This is no longer pie-in-the-sky, conceptual thinking. I’ll talk about real-life application that’s truly moving the needle on how we recruit top talent.
  4. Did I mention how smart these cats are? Lars & Ambrosia will talk about open source collaboration, we’ll hear about tech trends (Charney) and hiring (DICE), and Jason (Lever) moderates a genius panel of contributors around diversity recruiting in the trenches…there’s so much more.
  5. @WholeFoodsMarket is our gracious host, and they don’t mess around when it comes to hospitality.

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