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2022 Recruitment Success Hinges on the Power of Partnerships

The state of employment today:

It seems like every single organization is looking to bring on new people and do it quickly—while it’s great to see the economy surging after the coronavirus recession, it’s also a problem if you are the one trying to hire. (Learn more about the Great Rehire here.) 

How do you beat out 50 other organizations looking to attract and recruit in your industry? 

While other recruitment marketing organizations will tell you to focus on your attraction strategies, campaigns and employee value props (which are vital), the truth is that none of that matters without the right recruitment marketing technology and partner ecosystem. 

A strong partnership and integration strategy offer great experiences to candidates, employers, and employees by bringing together an ecosystem of solutions that are experts in their fields. 

Your 2022 organizational success hinges on the power of your talent acquisition and recruitment marketing partnerships

Kickstart Your Integration Conversation

If you’re unsure if your recruitment marketing systems are seamlessly integrated or are the best partners to attract today’s top talent, you will want to start by understanding why partnerships power your TA strategy.

  • Why are partnerships important for tech adoption? 

When adopting new technology, you need to break down how all systems talk to one another. When you create a seamless transaction between recruitment technology systems, you ensure data integrity and automate recruiter tasks. Then you have user buy-in and create a system people will want to work in. 

  • How do partnerships benefit CRM users? 

Not only does tech adoption generate higher productivity levels for TA and HR teams, but it also helps to ensure that you’re not missing out on candidates. When your CRM  is overlaid atop your ATS while incorporating jobs as well, candidates encounter a personalized experience that conveys your employer brand, as well as data-fueled personalization throughout the application process. The result is a boost in applicant completion rates and a decrease in candidate drop-off. Additionally, it’s not just candidates who benefit. On the recruiter side, there’s clear visibility into the largely automated process.

  • How do integrations save users time? 

Manual data entry is a thing of the past, and today’s world expects time management to be uncomplicated. In a recent podcast episode, Tim Sackett and Chad Sowash discussed the current recruiter experience (and the looming recruiter shortage), noting that without the right tech in place, it, for lack of a better word, sucks. 

Recruiters shifted their physical working environment multiple times throughout the pandemic. The processes themselves aren’t where they need to be— it's hard to be productive with 27 tabs open or taking ten clicks to get somewhere. 

Tim brought up a great point saying, “I think recruiters go, ‘Do I really want to put up with this crappy job? Hiring managers don't respect me or hey, by the way, I can go make the same money doing something else.’”  

By integrating recruitment technologies, TA professionals can focus on the human elements of their job (the most important) and not the mundane tasks of data integrity. And in turn, keeping them happy and on your team.

The Power of Recruitment Technology Partnerships 

Successful implementation and adoption start with a strong technology partner and a reliable platform. 

Top benefits of integrated recruitment software include: 

  • Increased security 
  • Streamlined data and analysis 
  • Higher productivity 
  • Faster hiring

Alliances in technology, especially in SaaS, are crucial for maximizing the potential of your tech stack. Without strong partnerships and integrations, we go back to the dark ages of early SaaS. To get a true understanding of how the tech will work together and how it will impact adoption, speak with your vendor of choice about their integration capabilities. A good vendor will have the ability to integrate with your existing tools with little to no work from your internal teams.”

- Michael Delzotti, Director Inside Sales & Partnerships, Symphony Talent 

michael delzotti

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