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2022 Recruitment Marketing Trends

Roopesh Nair
December 6 ․ 10 min read

The past two years have been game-changing in an industry where change is slow and tactful. Therefore to better serve our industry and prepare them for the aftermath, we’ve been doing a lot of listening.

We’ve been listening to you, our partners and customers, and industry practitioners and thought leaders. We began our conversations by asking: 

What hiring trends do you predict for 2022?

The Top 4 Recruitment Marketing Trends for 2022 

These conversations were amazing because each person came with a unique viewpoint and response. However, despite their approach, we saw patterns developing in their responses and bucketed them for your convenience. 

The four buckets that create the top recruitment trends for 2022 include:

Empower Teams 

At Symphony Talent, our mantra has been “Automate and Empower” because we know that when our SmashFlyX platform minimizes manual tasks and removes redundancies, users can focus on their core job function: building unique, personalized connections with candidates

That’s how we help leading global brands empower their teams for success. But that’s just one way to help out. There are countless ways you can empower your team. 

Respondents, including those from Red Bull, IBM, Leapgen and more, agreed that finding unique ways to empower your team was going to be a continued trend for 2022. 

Our friend Torin Ellis says that one way to empower your team is to simply:

Allow your employees to be who they really are.”

- Torin Ellis, The Torin Ellis Brand

Recognize Candidates 

The pandemic turned the slow-moving world of HR upside down in a matter of days. Ever since those initial lockdown days, we’re still learning how to respond and recover. 

One of the key takeaways is that we must listen to and recognize our candidates. I know that candidate experience and creating a consumer-like candidate experience have been trending for a few years now (even pre-pandemic), but not like today. 

Today we must recognize that we’re living in a worker economy, which means it’s a candidate’s world. Our respondents noted the different issues and trends they are hearing from candidates and employers, but the one that truly deserves a spotlight is from Julie Sowash.

Blow up recruitment. Change minds and change lives for people with disabilities.”

- Julie Sowash, Executive Director, Disability Solutions 


Humanize Connection 

This is the area where I really think we need to lean in. I may be biased (because it’s the section I contributed to in the 2022 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook), but it’s a core trend for 2022 talent acquisition strategies. 

Gone are the days of generic rejection emails, twenty-five-step interviews, and multiple candidates per open role. 

Today we need to focus on streamlining the recruitment process and humanizing the connection for all user types. (Yes, I’m talking candidates, recruiters, sources, hiring managers, system admins.) 

Everyone needs to be on the same page to attract today’s hard sought talent. 

Dig in and reflect on what change your organization needs. There's no time to sugarcoat your brand or employer brand's reputation in the market. Lean in and listen to your employees, Glassdoor reviews, and the economic market at large."

- Roopesh Nair, CEO & President, Symphony Talent 

Reprogram Leadership

This trend is going to be interesting. We all know that our strategies and tactics must shift as the economy flexes, candidate expectations shift, and recruitment technology advances, but reprogramming leaders is no easy feat. 

Respondents from Google, Safelite, Talent Function, Rutgers, etc., all weigh in on how you can support your leaders in switching it up. 

To impact the world in 2022, I need to see leaders engaging, valuing, and optimizing their people -- TALENT! The best tool is talent analytics for hiring, progression, and attrition among their teams.” 

Ginny Clarke, Google 

Want to learn more? 

Successful recruitment strategies and solutions focus on doing the right thing for your employees, candidates and humanity. 

Discover what else experts in recruitment marketing are saying in the 2022 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook. 

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