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2020 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report

Five years. 20,000+ data points. 500 companies. 33 criteria. Countless insights. 

2020 Benchmarks Report


Since 2015, SmashFly dedicates several months each year conducting thorough research and analysis to determine how Fortune 500 companies use recruitment marketing best practices in their talent acquisition strategies.

In 2019, SmashFly experts partnered with Symphony Talent to produce the most detailed Fortune 500 benchmarks report to date. One major takeaway this year: Many employers fail to deliver on their promise to candidates and severely under utilize their CRM capabilities; just 10% of companies with a talent network or job alerts use automated emails to remind talent to complete a started application.

Here's what you can expect from the report:

  • A look at the evolution of recruitment marketing trends over the past 5 years
  • The differentiators of Fortune 500 recruitment marketing pioneers
  • A complete ranking of specific tactics and strategies used by forward thinking talent acquisition leaders
  • An analysis of every touchpoint within the candidate experience including career site, employer brand, talent network and candidate nurture.
  • 20+ key benchmark stats to help you identify missed opportunities and areas of growth.