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SmashFly Transform 2019 Recruitment Marketing Guide

25+ recruitment marketing actions straight from the speakers of Transform 2019

Transform 2019 Action Guide-CoverIntel. Drift. Delta Air Lines. Sprint. IBM. These are just a few of the companies whose talent acquisition strategies are being transformed by the brightest change agents in the industry. If you weren't at Transform 2019 Live in Boston (and even if you were and need a strategic outline), we've compiled the most eye-opening recruitment marketing takeaways and tips from every session, workshops included. Listen. Learn. Share. Take notes. Take action.

Download the action guide for:

  • Tips on how Delta Air Lines is enabling its recruiters to become better marketers
  • Tactics Cox Enterprises uses to market and message its employer brand across the talent lifecycle
  • Quick wins on running your talent acquisition function like a CEO
  • A snapshot of the smartest takeaways from 4 core workshops
  • One-liners to use forever from 4 mainstage keynotes